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news [Oct. 1st, 2008|12:01 pm]
Fans of Jamie Oliver and other Foodies


"Hi Guys,

My new TV show Jamie's Ministry of Food starts airing every Tuesday for a month in the UK at 9PM tonight on Channel 4. I'm so excited as I've been working on it for the past year. My new cookbook, also called Jamie's Ministry of Food, comes out this week too – on the 2nd of October. So it's definitely one of the biggest weeks of the year for me!

I've tried to get out there and start teaching people about food and basic cooking skills again – but I can't teach everyone myself! Ministry of Food is about people teaching each other how to cook – learn a recipe and then teach two friends – that's a Pass It On. We've built a great website to support the Pass It On movement - it's up and running now and will be the centre of what I hope will become a massive movement to get everyone cooking and sharing their skills. I want everyone to get involved, register to Pass It On, and get excited about being a part of the food revolution!"

Jamie Oliver